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NUISANCE Alligator Hunts - 

 Ride along with a Licensed Florida Fish and Wildlife Alligator Trapper for the day during the SPRING.  You will experience a day of unequaled excitement and fun, driving to numerous nuisance calls to try and catch North America's deadliest man-eater.  Do you have the guts? These hunts are ideal for adrenaline seekers who are on vacation in Florida, want to break

away from the tourist areas and see the real Florida.  A Nuisance Hunt can be booked last minute, so what are you waiting for?  Come ride with

us and put your nerves to the ultimate test! Come ride along with GATOR PATROL to keep roads and communities safe from problem alligators.

A $52 alligator agent license is required for this hunt. 

Prices start at  $595 per Hunter per day

                       $100 for a non-hunting rider

                       $250 deposit required

Public Season Alligator Hunt We supply the tag, all necessities and equipment needed for a all

night hunt. This hunt guarantees opportunities at a 6 foot or larger alligator. A $52 alligator agent license is required for this hunt.

 Prices start at   $1750 per person (1 gator)

                          $100 per night for additional riders


                           $500 deposit required                                                            
Public Season Charter Hunt – Client (resident or non-resident) provides their OWN tags obtained

through Florida's public alligator drawing. We supply everything else and guide you to HELP fill your tags. 

Prices start at   $750 a night

                          (Up to 2 people)

                           $100 per night for additional riders

                        $500 deposit required

Is your adrenaline rushing yet....

Here at GATOR PATROL, we offer many options for hunting, but one of the most sought after is the ultimate nuisance

alligator hunt experience. We offer this hunts during the SPRING at GATOR PATROL....Our guides are licensed through the Florida
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as alligator trappers to remove all nuisance alligators. So whether you are local to
Florida, on vacation or just coming to hunt, you can set up your hunt with us!



 "It was an amazing time and you guys were some of the best guides I've hunted with. Thanks again!" 
                                                                                                                          - Cody B.     hunter from South Dakota


All hunts boast guaranteed opportunities of harvesting an alligator.  In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule the hunt free of charge, according to your availability. Lodging is available upon request for an additional charge.

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